Make an impact with your life

The Crawford County Recreation Center will always welcome volunteers. We have lots of programs that require additional supervision or adult coaching. When we run basketball or soccer leagues, we always like to have parents involved as coaches. Another example would be helping with a 5K race. Volunteering could involve just helping distribute water and food or even setting up / tearing down an event. We can always use an additional hand! If this sounds interesting to you, please fill out the form so we can put your information on file, and when we have events that you might be interested in volunteering for, we will let you know.

Different Ways To Volunteer


Help at an event such as a 5k.


Help with a program we offer.

Rewarding Opportunity

As a volunteer at the Crawford County Recreational Center, my experience has been nothing short of rewarding. From engaging with the community to witnessing the positive impact on individuals’ health and wellness, it’s truly a fulfilling journey.

Clara, 34